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Ubiquiti UCK-G2 Plus Stuck on Getting Ready

In todays problem I have had a UCK-G2 auto update. It had gotten itself stuck on “Getting Ready”. This caused the network app was unresponsive. So the basic steps I used to get the device back on track. Open the settings page, Enable SSH and get the LAN IP. Connect to the UCK through SSH…

Making SMB Available in Run as Admin

It can be frustrating when run as admin does not make available shared folders. Setting this will pass the mapped drives resource to a application when running elevated.


Had two 11th Generation Intel CPU’s come past my desk in the last week. One was a Z490 and the other a Z590. Both were Gigabyte Aorus Boards. CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT seems to be reproducible with nearly every execution of UserBenchmark. When running UserBenchmark they both would get to Core 2 of the CPU tests, freeze and…

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