MYOB API 0x80070643 – fatal error during installation

Ive been having issues with the MYOB API on Premier 2021 Server Edition.

Ever since 2021.2 I have been unable to upgrade the MYOB API service with the server installer. The API installer would ask the location, and whether to self sign the certificate that protects the API endpoint. Uninstalling the API service will also appear to proceed then fails.

As far as the install logging goes, none of it was helpful. And the MYOB help focuses solely on .NET 4.5 and updates.

To fix this issue. you will need a certificate bundle in PFX format. I did not have to enter the password for the bundle at all. Which is a indication the software does not attempt to install it.

A PFX bundle has to contain a public and private key. These are used to secure the API endpoint from an adversary using a packet sniffer. PFX bundles from unknown sources should always be considered dangerous, and should never be imported to your certificate store.

With the PFX bundle in the filesystem of your server, open the API installation wizard, found in “C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\AccountRight\API_Installer”. When the installer asks whether to use a self signed, or user provided certificate. Choose user provided and select the certificate bundle filename. When the installer fails, you will be able to uninstall the MYOB API application with add/remove programs. Once the MYOB API is completely removed. When you rerun the installer from the location above. This time choose self-signed and the latest API service should install correctly.

Update for 2022.1

The MYOB Api Service Must be stopped in the Services Controller.

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