Outlook 365 Email View Problems

This morning my users woke up to Office 365 had updated. One of these updates seems to cripple Outlook 365. The issue that has been observed is that when you open an email the body either blank, or shows a single line. depending on the size of the window.

To roll back to a previous version, using InTune management login to https://manage.microsoft.com/ and open the App deployment policy for your Office 365 suite.

Remove other versions to Yes,
Version to install to Specific,
Specific Version to 2103-13901.20400

Click Review and Save.

Any clients that were deployed with InTune will reinstall office once all the apps have been closed.

A client wont downgrade while office apps are open. To force a downgrade ask the users to ‘sync’ in Settings\Accounts\Access Work or School, Select the configured work location and click Info then Sync.

Trigger a Sync remotely, but unless the office apps are closed the downgrade may not complete immediately.

After the downgrade users will see a splash screen that says, please wait while we update office.

A user can after the InTune sync elect to downgrade office with the Update Now button, which will deploy the administrators chosen update.

Hope this helps someone,


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