Translogix Importing

Translogix maybe built around Fox Pro 9. But importing and exporting data can at times be a tedious task.

Thankfully there are classes and interfaces that can be taken advantage of to get data in and out. To get data out you can either write a custom export, which will dump data to a syntactically correct xml or csv file. It can also render data to paper style reports.

Exporting data can also be accomplished through the Visual Fox Pro ADO drivers. These drivers are limited to x86 though, due to the age of Visual Fox Pro.

Importing data in must be completed through custom imports, Using ADO is not appropriate.

It is possible to import job data into Translogix. There are some caveats that have been encountered. You can import a job, with a complete dataset. However assigning a manifest number will add the job to the manifest. It will not populate the driver, rego, and trailer fields. If there is a requirement to add the job to a manifest. Passing the manifest specific driver, rego and trailer fields will be required.

This is because a ‘job’ also stores data about who and what is transporting it. Each time you change a manifest number the data is re-looked up. If a modification is done to a manifest on these fields. To update the data on the job it will need to be removed and added again to the manifest.

When importing a manifest, the same interface as the job import is used. However the man_type field must be set to ‘M’ ‘0x4d’ and the job_type field must also be set to ‘M ‘ that is ‘0x4d 0x20’.

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