Windows 10 Power Policy Settings not functioning after update

Windows 10 power policies have some strange behaviours when applied over time. Negative issues seem to arise between SCCM, GPOL, and MDM deployments. Then the issues are exasperated by Windows Update when Windows 10 performs a major update. I have also heard of home users losing control of their power sleep settings.

In the work environment when some computers are upgraded from Windows 10 1809 to 1909 – 2004 using windows update, or the update assistant. The strange power related settings happened when they became MDM aware. Our power policy here is 5 minutes screen off, 10 minutes sleep when on battery. Then 60 minutes screen off and 65 minutes sleep when on AC. This is because of the needs of the organisation. All our computers are mobile and we do not want to have a machine on in a bag to cook itself.

In our domain it has been through all the various architectures, from way back when NT 4.0 was new. It was upgraded all the way through to Windows Server 2016. Hybrid joined to Office 365 and Azure AD.

All the power settings have been unlinked from Group Policy, and are only provided via Intune. Through a ORM-URI custom policy. But for some computers, not all. The AC sleep is 7 minutes 30 seconds. Even though the user dashboards appear to display the correct timeouts. If the computer is completely reset using a base Windows 10 1909 or 2004 build. Then Joined to the domain and enrolled in MDM all the power settings function as expected.

All the different user dashboards. Whether in control panel, or the new settings menu, registry, InTune or Group Policy have no effect when changing the windows power policy. The settings dashboards appear to display the chosen timeout. but in practice the computer is stuck to sleeping between one to seven minutes. The only solution which works persistently appears to be a reinstall of Windows.

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